Alert jBloom 2022-2023 jewelry collection just released! Give it a look.

Just Released 2022-2023 collection!

    It's more than a new season. Now is the time to enjoy these new jewelry trends. I'm excited to see what you choose from the new jBloom jewelry collection!

jbloom 2022-2023 jewelry collection
  • Kimberly Vista - jBloom Jeweler

    Kimberly Vista

    jBloom Designer

Where do I find a jBloom Designer? Right here!

Welcome to my JBloom jewelry website!! I am excited to be on this journey!!

I have something for everyone. If you are looking to Shop, Host a party, get jewelry at a discount or join me in this fun business, I would love to help you!

jBloom Personalized Necklace Promo

NEW! jBloom 2021-2022 Colleciton

jBloom 2022-2023 jewelry catalog

jBloom 2022-2023 jewlery collection
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jBloom 2022 spring catalog

jBloom spring catalog
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jBloom 2021-2022 jewelry catalog

jBloom catalog
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jBloom 2020-2021 jewelry catalog

jBloom catalog
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jBloom 2021 spring jewelry catalog

jBloom spring catalog
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jBloom 2018-2019 jewelry catalog

jBloom 2018-2019 catalog
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jBloom and You brochure

jBloom and You brochure
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What is jBloom jewelry made of?

jBloom Designs jewelry is made of many different materials and depending on the piece of jewelry you are looking at, there could be more than one element type. View the catalogs to see more detail about what jBloom jewelry is made of.

Where is jBloom jewelry made?

jBloom Designs jewelry is made overseas, where exactly, we don't know. The customizations are performed in the company headquarters located in St. Peters, Missouri.

Why Become a jBloom Jeweler?

It's all yours!

Embark on your personal and unique journey that is much more than just a business.


  • On Trend
  • Personalization
  • Custom Designs
  • Quality & Price Point
  • Wear your Story


  • Build Life-Long Friendships
  • Support & Encouragement

Promotions and Incentives

  • Monthly Hostess & Customer Specials
  • Annual Incentive Trip for Designers
  • Earn $550 in FREE Jewelry during your First 90 Days

Corporate Team

  • Owners with Long-term Vision & Growth Plan
  • Experienced Trainers & Coaches
  • Company-Wide Servant Heart Leadership Style


  • Light & Easy to Transport and Display
  • Ships Direct to Customer
  • No Inventory Required
  • Online Personalization for Easy Ordering


  • Up to 40% Commission Immediately
  • Unlimited Income Opportunity as you Build a Team

Training and Support

  • Training Programs
  • Great Customer Service
  • Local, Regional, & National Training Events

jBloom Mission Statement

jBloom specializes in personalized jewelry and invests in the lives of its Designers and their families. By proactively nurturing and celebrating everyone who’s a part of jBloom, the company equips each individual to make a genuine difference in their own lives and in the lives of others.